Udaya Liyanage – Owner CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Bio:  I was a slug and a geek most of my life.  I thought achieving my genetic potential meant getting the highest score in SAT and attending the best schools I can get into.  I was almost ready to settle into a sedentary suburban corpulent blob of a life form.  This path was disrupted by the birth of my second child.  To my surprise, she was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome and instinctively, I knew I have to be healthy and be alive as long as possible.  I decided to get healthy.  I started running, doing workouts in my basement and got a membership at the Gold’s gym.  When I saw no real results, I bought the P90X DVDs and went at it.  I loved it for a while.  I thought I was fit.  Then one day, I heard about CrossFit.  I went into a WOD with trepidation.  Halfway through the first WOD, I realized how unfit I was.  Jeff Hickam and Ryan Baker at CrossFit Marion crerated such a positive environment for me to stick with it and improve my level of fitness.

What I love about CrossFit most is that I develop new skills and get better every week, every month and every year.  I will never stop learning and for this reason I will never be bored.  I hope that anyone who comes to CrossFit STY finds the box friendly, stimulating and inspiring.  I can promise you that you will learn a lot from our trainers about CrossFit, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Quinton McGuire CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Quinton Marcum CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

I came to Crossfit with skepticism when my wife, Amber Marcum convinced me to go. I was primarily a rock climber before Crossfit but I knew there was something missing from my fitness after my first workout. I had very little stamina. Through daily Crossfit workouts, I began to build my overall fitness and feel healthier. As I continued in my Crossfit career I began to understand its ideology better and decided to get my certification to be a coach so that I could convey the goals of Crossfit to more people. I work as a teacher at Centralia High School, which has forced my coaching style to take on one of patience. If teaching high school can teach you anything, it is that patience is important to all teaching experiences. I would like to continue to help people get healthier and I know that Crossfit is a great way to achieve that goal.